November 28, 2023

    As Myanmar junta loses its grip over border, its ties with China also show signs of slipping

    A string of stunning losses in northern Shan State has the regime and its chief international backer reevaluating their relationship
    November 23, 2023

    Laukkai’s transformation from gambling city to scam hub

    Laukkai was a casino city with strong cultural ties to China before deteriorating into a lawless breeding ground for massive…
    November 10, 2023

    As Shan State burns, Myanmar’s dictator frets over China ties

    While the situation on the ground in Shan State looks bad for Min Aung Hlaing, what it says about his…
    July 18, 2023

    Myanmar’s isolated junta turns to foreign journalists to spread its propaganda 

    Facing continued censure on the world stage, the regime has been recruiting willing pawns to promote its version of the…
    July 17, 2023

    Why isn’t Australia doing more to sanction Myanmar’s military?

    Some experts suggest Australia is being diplomatic with the junta so they can ‘have a bet each way’ in case…
    February 21, 2023

    Myanmar’s new foreign minister returns to the spotlight

    Than Swe, the country’s former ambassador to the United Nations and the United States, is back to defend an isolated…
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