Core Principles  

Myanmar Now adheres strictly to the standards and values of professional journalism. While we don’t believe in neutrality in matters where fundamental rights are at stake, we do make every effort to be fair to all parties involved when covering complex and contentious issues. 

Our foremost concern is getting the facts right. We strive for accuracy in our reporting and always check our sources. If we can’t confirm any information we receive, we say so. We also present all the relevant facts available to us, leaving nothing out.  

Maintaining our independence is also central to who we are and what we do. We are not a mouthpiece for any individual or organisation. We have never been affiliated with any government, political, or religious group, neither before nor after the military coup in Myanmar in 2021. We have never received any financial or material benefits from business cronies, political entities, or military organisations. Our only loyalty is to the truth and to those who rely on us to provide them with as complete a picture as possible of the current situation in Myanmar.

It is also important to us to remember our place in society. We are always mindful of the impact of our words and images, and are committed to doing no harm to groups or individuals. If we must expose unpleasant truths, we will do so in ways that respect the rights of those affected.  

We also hold ourselves accountable. If we fall short in our efforts to live up to our own standards, we will admit our failings and do our best to correct the record and make amends. In this way, we hope to remain worthy of our audience’s trust and respect.

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