Myanmar ethnic armed group condemns three members to death

In the Kokang area of northern Shan State, media released videos showing men put on trial by a locally dominant armed organisation, with their names and crimes on placards around their necks

A Myanmar ethnic minority armed group has executed three of its personnel following a public trial held in a town captured from the military in January, media affiliated to the group has reported.

Myanmar’s borderlands are home to an array of ethnic minority armed groups, some of which have been battling the military for decades for autonomy and control of resources like jade or opium.

On Wednesday 10 “military personnel” went on public trial for offences including murder, extortion and kidnap in the northeastern city of Laukkai, according to media affiliated with the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA).

The MNDAA is a group made up of Kokang people—an ethnically Han Chinese community in Myanmar—that holds territory in northern Shan State, close to China’s Yunnan province.

A video released by the local media outlet The Kokang late Wednesday showed the men shackled and wearing identical tracksuits. . .

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