Clashes, shelling, airstrikes continue in Karen State after junta retakes Myawaddy

Although the Myanmar army recaptured the town of Myawaddy from Karen anti-junta fighters, battles continued south of Myawaddy and in Hpapun, where People’s Defence Forces seized another army battalion’s base

Junta forces carried out a series of air and artillery strikes targeting armed resistance groups south of Myawaddy, Karen State on Thursday after retaking control of the town, according to local and resistance sources. 

Residents of Myawaddy—a crucial hub for bilateral trade on the border between Thailand and Myanmar—told Myanmar Now on Friday that they had heard the junta firing artillery from the Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 275 west of town the previous night. 

The artillery fire was apparently aimed at Lat Khat Taung, a village on a hill some six miles south of Myawaddy. 

“Starting at 11:29 in the evening, we heard artillery fire at least seven times from LIB 275. We also heard the sounds of warplanes overhead,” a Myawaddy resident said.

The Lat Khat Taung hill has been a frequent target of shelling from the LIB 275 base since an alliance. . .

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