Battle for control of Kani ends with retreat by anti-regime forces

Despite early success, resistance fighters say they could no longer withstand the junta’s overwhelming show of force after 10 days of fighting

Resistance forces say they have abandoned an attempt to seize control of Kani, a town less than 40 miles north of Sagaing Region’s capital Monywa, after 10 days of fighting.

Groups opposed to Myanmar’s military junta began attacking regime targets in the town, including its police station, general administration office, and a heavily fortified pagoda, on March 2.

Although they came close to capturing it last week, the junta’s determination to hold onto the town ultimately thwarted their efforts, according to members of groups involved in the fighting.

“We couldn’t take it. We had to recall all of our units,” a commander of one of the groups said on Thursday, adding that the anti-junta forces withdrew from the town two days earlier.

Located on the western bank. . .

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