Resistance forces close to capturing town near Sagaing capital

The success of anti-regime groups fighting for control of Kani comes despite nearly a week of relentless airstrikes

Anti-regime groups in Sagaing Region say they have nearly captured the town of Kani, located less than 40 miles north of the region’s capital, Monywa.

The resistance forces began attacking junta troops stationed in the town last Saturday.

“It is now almost completely under the control of the resistance, but there is still some fighting going on around the town,” said a military source who did not want to be named.

Since the assault began, the military has carried out at least 50 airstrikes, using both attack helicopters and fighters jets, according to local residents.

There were also reports that reinforcements had been transported  into the area by air on Thursday morning.

There were at least 150 junta troops stationed in the town when the resistance offensive began. According to the military source, some have since surrendered, but the exact number could not be confirmed at the. . .

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