Resistance forces close to capturing town between Dawei and Thai border

Attacks on junta targets in and near the town of Myitta come just days after a regime convoy suffered heavy losses in an ambush in the same area

Anti-junta groups say they are close to taking control of a key town near the Tanintharyi Region capital Dawei, less than a week after mounting a deadly ambush on an army convoy in the same area.

Raung Ni, the spokesperson for a People’s Defence Force (PDF) column involved in the offensive, told Myanmar Now on Monday that the groups had taken control of the central police station in Myitta, a town located about 30 miles east of Dawei, following a series of attacks on a military outpost west of the town.

“We managed to seize the police station where the junta forces were based, but they still control a tactical base at the entrance to the town. Once we get that, we’ll be in full control,” he said.

Myitta is a key trading town on the road from Dawei to Htee Khee, a village on. . .

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