Resistance fighters seize military’s last base in Shadaw Township, Karenni State

Following the launch of Operation 1111 and takeover of Mese Township in early November, Shadaw is the second township to fall fully under the control of anti-junta forces in Karenni State

The Karenni Army claims to have captured the last remaining junta outpost in Shadaw Township, Karenni State on Monday, a continuation of the Operation 1111 offensive launched three months ago. 

The KA’s resistance fighters overran the army encampment, located on high ground within the town of Shadaw, said a spokesperson for the armed organisation, which operates as the armed wing of the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP). 

“At least 60 junta soldiers including a colonel were killed in the fighting, and more than 20 were taken prisoner. A dozen soldiers fled the camp, evading capture,” the Karenni Army’s Col. Phone Naing told Myanmar Now. 

He added that the hilltop camp was the last position held by at least 100 junta troops or police in the town, and that the resistance fighters had seized a large cache of weapons and ammunition from the captured base. . . .

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