One resistance fighter killed, three arrested in Thanlyin raid

A member of a local armed resistance group was shot dead and three others were arrested during a military raid in Yangon Region’s Thanlyin Township on Friday, according to a senior member of the group.

The raid, which targeted a house located near the village of Laharyet, was carried out at around 9am on Friday, an officer of the Thanlyin Pa Ka Pha told Myanmar Now.

A 30-year-old member of the group died after being shot in the chest and thigh and two men and one woman were arrested, the officer said.

According to the officer, a local informant tipped off regime forces about the location of the house where the four resistance fighters were staying.

“An informant came along with the military and they started firing at the house after the informant pointed at it,” he said, adding that the raid was carried out by around 30 heavily armed soldiers.

The body of the dead resistance fighter, who was identified on a Thanlyin-based Facebook page as Phyo Maung Maung Oo, was taken away by the soldiers, the officer said.

“Their death and arrests were caused by the military informant. We had been living there for a long time. The authorities would never have found out about the house if they hadn’t been tipped off,” he added.

Myanmar Now has not been able to independently confirm the details of the incident, and the regime has not released a statement about it.

According to the Thanlyin Facebook page, the military cremated Phyo Maung Maung Oo’s body at the Pyin Htaung Kyaung cemetery without informing his family.

The Thanlyin Pa Ka Pha is a self-organized resistance group loosely affiliated with the People’s Defence Force (PDF) created by the shadow National Unity Government in May.

Many other Pa Ka Pha groups, sometimes called local PDFs, or LPDFs, have emerged around Myanmar in response to violent crackdowns on anti-coup protests in the wake of the military takeover in February. 

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