Myanmar junta initiates conscription lotteries to select young people for training, frontline combat

The forced recruitment drive, announced in February, appears to be underway as regime administrators call up eligible civilians for medical examinations and threaten consequences for those who evade the summons

Civilians in major cities, including Yangon and Myanmar’s administrative capital of Naypyitaw, are already receiving summons letters for mandatory military service, which is scheduled to begin next month. 

Aung Paing Min—a member of the military proxy Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) in Lewe Township, Naypyitaw—posted a copy of a conscription summons letter on his social media page last week.  

Regime officials have been distributing the letter to eligible young people through the ward-level administration in the cities, and threatening to arrest those evading service or target their family members for forced enlistment. 

Junta officials plan to send young people of eligible age to basic military training followed by rotation to the frontlines for combat duty, some of the letter’s recipients said.

Medical examinations, lotteries, and threats 

In urban wards and five outlying villages of the Naypyitaw Union Territory. . .

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