Myanmar civilians terrorised by junta’s nightly home visits seeking out ‘unregistered guests’

Military personnel pocket major bribes while carrying out threatening searches for unregistered overnight visitors in homes throughout the country

Despite living in Naypyitaw, the city with the most regular electricity supply in Myanmar, Aye turns off all the lights in her house every evening, taking extra care not to be illuminated indoors by the nearest street light, 20 steps away. 

When Myanmar military troops conduct “overnight household guest registration checks” in her rural ward of the junta-controlled capital, it is best to pretend not to be home, she said. The routine is a regular source of stress for residents, who face arbitrary interrogation, detention, and extortion if they arouse the suspicion of soldiers. 

The military personnel check that every individual in the residence—particularly outside visitors—has reported their presence to the local military authorities and hold the junta-issued papers to prove it.  

“We wait our turn in fear because they make arrests as they please if anyone is missing any of the. . .

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