Myanmar army uses sham job announcements to trap young men into military service

Desperate for new recruits amid escalating attacks from anti-junta forces, the junta is now trapping and forcing civilian job-seekers into joining the army

Struggling with diminishing manpower amid intensifying conflict, Myanmar’s military has turned to luring young men with fraudulent work advertisements on social media, deceiving them into forced military enlistment. 

The targets of the job announcements—men aged 18 to 25—have reportedly contacted the military in the belief that they were applying for civilian employment, only to be conscripted into the army and sent to the front lines. 

Myanmar Now spoke with two men who underwent this ordeal in recent years, one of whom recently surrendered to the resistance forces in central Myanmar. Fearing for their families’ safety, they insisted on the use of pseudonyms to protect their safety. 

After speaking to the two young forced enlistees, a Myanmar Now reporter contacted the army officer who had deceived the two young men into serving in the army and, by pretending to be a jobseeker, confirmed that the. . .

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