KIA and allies capture more Myanmar army camps near Laiza

Anti-junta forces have taken control of all but four regime camps along the Myitkyina-Bhamo road since the start of a new offensive two weeks ago

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and its allies have captured more Myanmar army camps near the group’s Laiza headquarters, as fighting continues two weeks into a new anti-junta offensive in Kachin State.

The Narhpawt camp, located about 10 miles northeast of Laiza, was the latest to fall after being captured early Thursday morning, an officer of the Kachin Region People’s Defence Force (Kachin PDF) said, citing troops on the ground.

Fighting for control of the tactical hill camp began last Sunday, the Kachin PDF officer said. Three other camps, including the major Ugashan outpost, have also been captured, he added.

Casualties have been reported on both sides, but exact figures were not available as clashes were still ongoing, he said.

The military responded by carrying out airstrikes near the Narhpawt camp at around 7am on Thursday, according to KIA spokesperson Col. Naw Bu.

He added that the. . .

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