Karenni resistance fighters occupy Thailand-Myanmar border town of Hpasawng

The anti-junta armed organisations that took part in the battle for the town are coordinating with the humanitarian aid group Free Burma Rangers to organise evacuations and provide emergency medical care for injured civilians

Anti-junta forces overran a military base manned by the Myanmar army’s infantry battalion (IB) 135 in Hpasawng, Karenni (Kayah) State last week, forcing the troops to retreat and effectively taking over the town, a source close to the anti-junta groups said. 

The IB 135 troops retreated from their base—located near a bridge over the Salween (Thanlyin) River—while under attack by an alliance of anti-junta armed organisations. They withdrew to a base manned by IB 134, located on high ground outside of Hpasawng, where they have regrouped and are preparing to fend off further attacks, the source said. 

“They are preparing to defend the base at the top up the hill. I think they are also planning to carry out artillery and air strikes,” he added. 

Anti-junta armed groups have captured most of Hpasawng Township, including the Hpasawng Myoma Police Station. . .

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