Karen BGF to rename itself ‘Karen National Army’

The move, which has yet to be officially announced, is seen as the latest step in efforts by the Border Guard Force to distance itself from Myanmar’s military

The Karen Border Guard Force (BGF) says it is planning to rebrand itself as the “Karen National Army,” completing its break from Myanmar’s military.

Major Naing Maung Zaw, the spokesperson for the Karen BGF, confirmed the move on Tuesday, telling Myanmar Now that the group would make an official announcement later this month.

“We have reached a general agreement, but we still have to present the idea to our rank-and-file troops before we fully implement it,” he said.

He added that the BGF has had no communication with the Myanmar regime since it declared in January that it would no longer accept salaries or other forms of financial support from the junta.

It also declared that it would remain “neutral” in the ongoing conflict between the. . .

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