Junta convoy travelling through Chin comes under repeated attack by CDF 

Resistance fighters in Chin State say they have repeatedly attacked a convoy of junta troops and vehicles travelling along the mountainous road from Matupi to Mindat over the past two weeks, killing at least 20 soldiers.

The Mindat branch of the Chinland Defence Force (CDF) said it detonated improvised bombs along the road and engaged in shootouts with foot soldiers who were marching ahead of military vehicles as scouts. 

The convoy contains over 80 vehicles and left Matupi on January 24 after travelling there earlier in the month to drop off reinforcements and supplies, the group said. 

The 100-mile return journey to Mindat should normally take less than a day, but the convoy has only been able to travel a few miles per day because of the attacks, said Yaw Marn, a Mindat CDF spokesperson.  

The CDF fighters attacked the convoy at milestone 70, then again at milestone 56, and then in five more locations at intervals of several miles. One attack on the evening of February 2 took place 30 miles from Matupi. 

“There were around 60 scouting troops in front of the military vehicles,” said Yaw Marn. “We would go and attack them every 5-10 miles. The cars were only carrying a few people and supplies so we have been clashing for the most part with the scouting troops.”

Besides the 20 soldiers killed, numerous others were injured, he added. 

Junta officials could not be reached for comment and the coup regime has not commented on the attacks. 

Troops from the military convoy targeted by the CDF have raided several villages along their route, looting property there, the CDF said. Hundreds of residents from five villages have fled their homes as a result.  

Landmines planted by the military seen in a report issued by the CDF on January 13 (CDF-Mindat)

In October and November the CDF inflicted heavy casualties against junta troops with repeated attacks on convoys travelling along the road. 

On January 31 the Mindat CDF launched two artillery shells at a Myanmar military base, Yaw Marn said. 

“We attacked Battalion 274 in Mindat with two 88mm shells,” he said. “We fired the shells from the closest possible location to the battalion. Everyone panicked when both of the shells exploded. They tightened security the following day.” 

The junta has sought to stamp out the resistance in Chin and neighbouring regions by sending large waves of reinforcements to the region since October as part of its Operation Anawrahta. 

But the guerilla-style tactics of the resistance fighters have prevailed, with the Myanmar military suffering far heavier casualties than their opponents despite having a major advantage in terms of resources and firepower. 


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