International car companies shut down Yangon showrooms 

A junta ban on all car imports except for electric vehicles has left Myanmar with an automotive shortage and a shrinking industry

A junta ban on the import of all cars except for electric vehicles, or EVs, has resulted in a shortage of automotives nationwide and heavy losses for the industry, apparent in the recent shutdown of car showrooms in Yangon.

Importing both used and new private and commercial petrol-powered vehicles was banned by the military after the February 2021 coup, essentially ending the car trade, according to an official from the Myanmar Automobile Manufacturers and Distributors Association (MAMDA). The move was widely seen as an attempt by the military to control the flow of foreign currency into the country. 

The military also halted the private import of diesel and petrol in October 2021.

Only the import of electric vehicles, or EVs, is permitted under the junta, and can be done tax-free. The cars, which are significantly more expensive than traditional gas-powered vehicles, have not taken hold in. . .

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