In apparent effort to facilitate conscription, Myanmar junta officials conduct youth survey in Yangon

In addition to requesting the names and phone numbers of people of conscription age, officials are planning further action after the Thingyan holidays in April

Regime officials have begun collecting data on people between 18 and 35 years old in some Yangon townships, seemingly in preparation to enforce their new policy of forced recruitment for military service, local sources said.  

The officials seemed to be especially interested in gathering information–including names and phone numbers–from males of conscription age, according to a 19-year-old man living in Dagon Township. They told people they planned to take further action following the Thingyan holidays, which are observed from April 13 to 17, he added. 

"It was about getting the exact full names and phone numbers of people in the eligible age range for military service,” the young Dagon Township resident said. “They added the names and phone numbers to their list, then told us that we were not allowed to travel. They said they would contact us again by the end of. . .

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