Four children among civilians killed by junta airstrikes in Mrauk-U Township

Bombing raids have resulted in dozens of casualties over the past month in rural villages outside Mrauk-U as the junta attempts to beat back relentless assaults by the Arakan Army

Five villagers were killed and around ten were injured Thursday morning in a village in Mrauk-U Township, Rakhine State, as the Myanmar regime’s air force conducted an airstrike amid escalating clashes with the Arakan Army (AA). 

At around 8am, a junta fighter plane dropped three bombs on Upper Lay Hnyin Taung village, located on the west bank of the Lemro River some 30 miles northeast of Mrauk-U, according to a woman from the village in her 40s.

“Five people were killed altogether. Three children in one family were killed, and one displaced girl walking out on the street,” said the woman, who is a neighbor to some of the victims. 

The air raid also started fires that burned three houses to the ground and caused severe injuries to other villages including a two-year-old. Some of the victims lost limbs, the woman added. . . .

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