Arakan Army captures Ramree after months of fighting 

Ramree was the first town attacked by the ethnic armed organisation in southern Rakhine State last year, and the first seized from the junta in the region

The Arakan Army (AA) captured the Kyaukphyu District town of Ramree on Monday, the site where a major Myanmar-China natural gas pipeline begins.

In a statement released that day, the AA said it had established control over the whole town and that the remaining junta troops had been driven out after 85 days of clashes.

The victory came after local sources said the Rakhine ethnic armed organisation carried out a noon raid on a Myanmar army post on Thein Taung pagoda hill south of the town, overtaking the site.

A man from Ramree noted that the AA troops chased down junta soldiers who attempted to escape the base in question. The military responded by repeatedly bombing the town from the air, and firing heavy artillery from the Thein Taung base, causing much of Ramree to burn down. 

A 65-year-old woman from the Lay Taung area of. . .

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