Activists report sanctioned Myanmar tycoon’s daughter to Italian authorities

Rachel Tayza, the adult daughter of a wealthy Myanmar military crony, is sanctioned by the US for holding shares in a conglomerate that profited from supplying arms to the military

The activist monitoring group Justice for Myanmar called on Friday for the Italian government to investigate Rachel Tayza, the daughter of crony businessman Tay Za, and her involvement in sanctioned businesses.

Named Htoo Htwe Tay Za at birth, Rachel Tayza, 27, is the youngest child of Tay Za, 59, who chairs the Htoo Group of Companies (Htoo Group). The Htoo Group is a conglomerate with subsidiary and associated companies in a range of sectors including timber, finance, hotels, and airlines. 

Reporting Rachel to the authorities in Italy, JFM called for them to investigate Rachel’s role as a shareholder and director of businesses in the Htoo Group—which is subject to sanctions by the European Union (EU)—and “where appropriate, to freeze her assets and to remove her. . .

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