The towns that escaped the junta’s grasp in Sagaing Region

Despite constant attacks and attempts to cut them off from communications and supplies, three Sagaing Region towns are still under anti-regime forces’ control after the military retook Kawlin this week

Personal names in this article have been changed to protect our sources’ security. 

At first, Myo Kyaw was startled by the shots he heard at dawn near his home in Kawlin, but he relaxed after a few moments, knowing from his experience of nearby clashes that the sounds of fighting would likely subside before long. 

However, when the gunfire continued into the late morning that day, Myo Kyaw could not leave his house for fear of being shot by mistake. Although he lived in an area where clashes broke out frequently between the army and anti-regime forces, and was no stranger to hearing shots in the distance, the events of that day would stay seared into his memory for months.

Ultimately forced to shelter inside his house for most of the day, Myo Kyaw was only able to leave when rescue workers arrived. The date. . .

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