Chin forces, allies seize strategic town from Myanmar military after long battle

The anti-junta alliance reportedly suffered heavy casualties as the military resorted to increasingly frequent airstrikes and the use of machine guns and 500-pound bombs to keep control of Kyindwe in Chin State’s Kanpetlet Township

An alliance of mostly Chin anti-junta armed groups claims to have captured the town of Kyindwe in Kanpetlet Township, Chin State on Monday after months of fighting. 

A town of about 200 households, Kyindwe is located some 17 miles southwest of Kanpetlet. Having initiated assaults on the town in December 2023 with the aim of seizing full control by Christmas, the joint Chin forces confronted unexpected difficulties and incurred significant losses in their four-month battle against the Myanmar military. 

Before the Chin armed groups’ victory, around 200 junta troops, police, and junta-allied militia members were stationed at a police station near the bank of the Mone Creek and at the school next door. 

Many civilians are known to support the military council in the town. As a stronghold for pro-junta Pyu Saw Htee militias—which are recruited, armed, and trained by the military. . .

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