Myanmar junta says it expects Myawaddy border trade to resume within a month

The resumption of trade will have to wait until the regime is in full control of the town, according to a senior official

Trade at the Thai-Myanmar border town of Myawaddy should resume within a month, according to Khin Maung Myint, Karen State’s junta-appointed minister for economic affairs.

He noted, however, that this would be contingent upon how soon the regime can take full control of the town, which it recaptured from anti-junta forces last week.

“We can only resume operations in Myawaddy after the army is in full control,” he said, adding that it would also depend on how soon the transportation department can have everything ready to allow goods to start flowing across the border again. 

“However, we can say that we will be able to resume operations within a month of taking full control of the area,” he said, speaking to Myanmar Now on Tuesday.

On Saturday, the regime reopened the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge No. 1, which is used mainly for regular traffic. Bridge. . .

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