Thailand’s ‘humanitarian corridor’ initiative needs a reality check

Treating Myanmar’s military as part of the solution to a crisis that it created is nothing short of delusional

As it enters its fourth year since a failed coup attempt by its military, Myanmar remains one of the deadliest and most violent conflict zones in the world after Ukraine and Palestine. Its ongoing crisis is also among the most neglected in terms of international support. While its displaced population has reached 2.6 million, humanitarian access remains restricted, as international aid groups and UN agencies continue to rely on access from a junta that has largely lost control over the situation on the ground. 

Anticipating an influx of refugees due to constant fighting between Myanmar’s military and revolutionary groups, Thailand is launching a new initiative to establish corridors to scale up assistance along the Thai-Myanmar border. Meanwhile, the junta continues its indiscriminate attacks. . .

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Job Vacancy: Digital Specialist