Thailand to close centres issuing ID certificates to Myanmar nationals

Advocacy groups say the move could result in a loss of workers’ rights and freedom of movement

The Thai Ministry of Labour has announced that it will be closing all centres issuing Certificates of Identification, or CIs, to undocumented Myanmar workers in Thailand from July 7.

The CIs, which allow Myanmar nationals in Thailand to legally work and travel in the country, were issued from centres in five provinces, as well as from mobile units in three other provinces.

The move comes in response to a request from Myanmar’s military junta, according to the ministry.

While the centres have reportedly received instructions to close, an official at the centre in Chonburi Province said it was unclear if the closure would be temporary or permanent.

“At the moment, the instructions only refer to the closure on July 7. No further instructions have arrived as to whether this is a temporary suspension or a permanent closure,” the official told Myanmar Now.

Last year the Thai government opened CI. . .

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