New beer brand sold in Myanmar is produced by military-owned entity 

Contrary to publicity presenting ‘Keen’ beer as a new brand, text on the cans says it was produced at factories owned by Myanmar Brewery Limited, the boycotted entity that produces Myanmar Beer

Despite being advertised as a new beverage brand, ‘Keen’ beer may in fact be made by Myanmar Brewery Limited (MBL), a target of boycotts by opponents of the military regime. 

While it was said to be produced and distributed by Super Six International (SSI), the print on the cans says it is produced in a factory operated by MBL, a company that is best known for making the widely available Myanmar Beer and is partly owned by the military-controlled conglomerate Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited (MEHL). 

The print reads, “Produced by Myanmar Brewery Limited MBL No. 45, Road 3, Pyinmapyin Industrial Zone, Mingaladon Township, Yangon, and distributed by SSI, Pyitharyar Road, Ward 16, Yankin Township.”

Records kept by the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA)—Myanmar’s business registrar—show that SSI was established as a beverage production and distribution company in October 2022. 

However, as. . .

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