Myanmar’s military increasing use of signal jammers to foil attacks by anti-regime guerrillas

Myanmar’s military has begun instructing ground troops on how to use signal jammers to protect themselves from remote-detonated explosives, according to a secret order seen by Myanmar Now.

A copy of the order, which was dated May 14 and classified top secret, was found on the body of Aung Thu Tint, a sergeant from  Defence Equipment Factory No. 21 who was killed by resistance forces in Magway Region’s Chauk Township last Friday.

The order identifies six electronic devices that can be used to block the most common types of transmitters employed by anti-regime guerrillas, including 315MHz handheld remote control jammers and portable multi-band radio-frequency jammers.

“Relevant officers will explain how to use signal jammers, which will be provided by the communications office, and how the enemy’s explosive devices work,” the order states.

Resistance forces say the military has increased its use of signal jammers in recent months, as junta troops continue to suffer heavy casualties in areas where they are vulnerable to ambush.

According to an officer from a Chauk-based guerrilla group, regime forces successfully foiled an attempt to detonate an explosion at a pavilion set up for regime forces in the town to celebrate the annual Thingyan water festival in April.

“We put explosive devices inside a motorcycle, but they didn’t go off due to the jammers,” he said. “We ended up losing both the explosives and the motorcycle.”

An information officer from the anti-junta People’s Defence Force said that the military’s increasing deployment of jammers meant that resistance forces would have to use riskier tactics to fight troops on the ground.

“One method is to use battery-operated explosive devices that can be detonated by one of our men hiding nearby in the minefield,” he said.

“It’s not very safe, but it’s becoming the only way to do it now that they’ve started using jammers,” he added.

He also noted that jammers were effective not only at blocking remote detonators, but also communication devices.

A copy of the secret order instructing ground troops on the use of signal jammers (Supplied)

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