Motorbike driver killed by sniper in Tamu, locals say

Two people on a motorbike who were driving past the district police station in Tamu, Sagaing Region, on Sunday were reportedly targeted and shot at by a sniper, killing one. 

A Tamu local said that the troops shot at the passersby from inside the police station.

“The bullet pierced through his cheek and he died at the scene,” the local said, asking not to be named. 

The individual who was killed was driving the motorbike, he added. The other person, who had been riding on the back, ran into a nearby ward and asked residents for help retrieving the body of the slain driver. 

Myanmar Now was unable to confirm their identities at the time of reporting. 

On Saturday, locals in Tamu ambushed a convoy of junta troops with home-made hunting rifles as the armed forces entered the town to suppress protests. At least three soldiers and two locals were killed in the incident, residents said. 

Myanmar Now initially reported on Saturday that one civilian had been killed in the clash, but confirmed one more death on Sunday.

Five policemen belonging to the junta’s forces were killed in a grenade attack on the Nan Phar Lone outpost when locals– led by a 25-year-old police officer who defected to the Civil Disobedience Movement– ambushed the post. 

The CDM police officer was also killed in the attack, after the junta’s police opened fire using machine guns. 


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