Migrant workers protest in Thailand as Myanmar regime enforces new income tax

The junta is refusing to renew passports for workers who have not paid the tax and reportedly pressuring employment agencies to withhold wages due to Myanmar nationals abroad

The Myanmar military regime announced last week that from October of this year, it was implementing a requirement for Myanmar citizens working abroad to pay two percent of their wages in taxes.

The announcement appeared on the website of the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok, Thailand on December 14. 

“We don’t know how they are going to collect the money. We only know Myanmar citizens working abroad must pay taxes out of their wages starting from October,” said an officer of the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok.

The coup regime amended Section 22 of the Union Tax Law in September to levy the new tax on income earned abroad, with the provision scheduled to remain in effect until March 2024. 

A Myanmar national working in Thailand under a memorandum. . .

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