KIA, allies continue bid to take full control of northern Kachin town

Junta airstrikes have so far failed to halt anti-regime groups’ efforts to capture Sumprabum, a town located about 125 miles north of Myitkyina

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and allied resistance forces are continuing their efforts to capture a junta hill camp near the town of Sumprabum in northern Kachin State after days of intense fighting, according to local sources.

The KIA and People’s Defence Force (PDF) groups began their attacks in the area earlier this month, capturing a junta camp north of Sumprabum on March 8.

Since then, fighting has moved closer to the town, which is now almost under full control of the anti-regime forces despite heavy aerial bombardment by the military.

The latest round of clashes began on March 14 and has centred on a hill camp just outside of Sumprabum, a town located about 125 miles north of the state capital Myitkyina.

“The fighting is still ongoing, particularly at the hill camp,” a resident told Myanmar Now on Monday.

“The police station surrendered on the first day. . .

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