Kawlin retaken by junta forces after three months in resistance hands 

Resistance forces say that air and artillery assaults forced them to finally withdraw from the town after nearly two weeks of intense fighting

After nearly two weeks of fierce fighting, Myanmar’s military has retaken the Sagaing Region town of Kawlin from forces loyal to the shadow National Unity Government (NUG), according to resistance sources.

“Kawlin has been fully captured. They [junta troops] are now burning rice mills and entire neighbourhoods,” said a source close to the NUG’s Military Regional Command 1, speaking to Myanmar Now on Thursday.

“There are still resistance forces positioned near the town, but fighting inside the town has stopped,” he added, noting that the anti-regime fighters were forced to retreat on Tuesday.

Resistance forces based in Kawlin and neighbouring Kanbalu Township to the south confirmed that clashes had come to a complete halt.

“We had to give up the entire town. We had to momentarily withdraw. Currently, the situation is calm, without any fighting,” a resistance leader from Kanbalu said.

Kawlin, located some 185 miles north. . .

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