Junta takes control of more than half of Kawlin town, held for months by the resistance

As troops coming from the north penetrate the Sagaing town, resistance forces say they are holding on to three of Kawlin’s eight townships and disrupting military advances from the south

The junta has gained control over more than half of Kawlin, the seat of the district in Sagaing Region by the same name that was captured by resistance forces in November. 

Fighting broke out around the town in the first days in February when the Myanmar army deployed some 800 soldiers to retake the area, which had been under the administration of the publicly mandated National Unity Government (NUG) for more than two months. 

At the time of reporting, the military had established control over five of the town’s eight wards, according to a regional officer in the NUG’s People’s Defence Team (PDT) of Sagaing. 

“We still control three wards in the town and the outskirts,” the officer, Aw Zar, told Myanmar Now on. . .

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