Junta raids spark new, lethal clashes in Yinmabin Township 

Two locals were killed during renewed fighting between the local People’s Defence Force (PDF) and the regime military in Sagaing Region’s Yinmabin Township.

Following one of the clashes, the PDF detained five junta soldiers, according to a member of the local force.  

At around 10am on Sunday, the military tried to raid the 800-household village of Si Hlaung, two miles from Yinmabin town, and were met by PDF resistance. 

PDF member Yin Maung, 18, was killed in the battle that ensued. Five soldiers were apprehended by the locals and taken prisoner. 

“The soldiers chased and shot at people and then they were separated from the other troops. The villagers surrounded them in a salt pit outside of the village. For now, we have detained them,” a PDF member told Myanmar Now, adding that the Myanmar military had not contacted them regarding the status of the soldiers. 

The local PDF was stationed on a hill near Si Hlaung when the raid occurred. Heavy artillery fire from the army forced them to retreat. 

“We retreated because our force was not as strong as theirs. When we retreated, one of us was shot,” the PDF member said, referring to Yin Maung. “He was hit twice by bullets. First, he was shot in the hand. Then, he was shot in the head while he was being carried away.”

He added that during the fighting in Si Hlaung, members of PDF chapters from nearby villages came to support them. 

One day earlier on June 5, a 20-year-old woman was shot dead while fleeing on a motorcycle during a junta raid in Banbwe village, also in Yinmabin.  

Fighting has been ongoing around Yinmabin since June 4. In addition to Si Hlaung and Banbwe, the army also recently raided the villages of Kansu, and Winkon. 

As a result of the fighting, hundreds of residents in and around Si Hlaung have fled their homes. Two houses have reportedly been burned down. 

In early April, villagers in the Yinmabin villages of Kapaing and Thabyayaye were among the first to resist the junta’s attacks by fighting back with traditional handmade guns. 

Because of fighting in April and May, more than 10,000 civilians from Yinmabin and Kani townships have been forced to flee to other areas. 


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