Hundreds of Myanmar anti-junta protesters rally in Bangkok

Rallying at the United Nations office, demonstrators called out slogans supporting Myanmar’s armed resistance and reenacted extrajudicial killings by the coup regime

Hundreds of protesters screamed and wept as they demonstrated against Myanmar’s junta in Thailand’s capital on Thursday, the third anniversary of an army coup that ended the country’s brief spell of democracy.

Young and old gathered outside the United Nations headquarters in Bangkok, wearing T-shirts showing jailed democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, with white flowers in their hair and red bandanas on their foreheads.

While Yangon's streets were quiet, in Bangkok around 300 protesters—eyed by Thai police—shouted anti-junta slogans and trampled bloodied images of Myanmar army leader Min Aung Hlaing.

Fake blood dripping from his head, clutching a sprig of green leaves, protester Tum Tum staged a dramatic performance representing a student killed by the army. 

“We are here to protest because the military has been killing people,” he told AFP, his shirt wet with bright fake blood.

His demonstration. . .

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