Eight civilians found dead after junta raid on Shwebo Township village

Junta troops attempt to reclaim control of the community after resistance groups pushed the military’s occupying Pyu Saw Htee out of the village months earlier

The bodies of at least eight slain civilians were found by resistance forces in a village outside the city of Shwebo in Sagaing Region this week following a recent junta raid on the community.

The murders occurred in Zee Phyu Kone village, eight miles west of Shwebo, the leader of the village’s anti-junta defence team told Myanmar Now on Tuesday. Around 80 Myanmar army troops occupied Zee Phyu Kone on February 1, the third anniversary of the country’s military coup, and are believed to have killed several of the 50 people they arbitrarily arrested that day. 

Four of the bodies—belonging to three men and one woman—were found in Zee Phyu Kone’s monastery compound, three more throughout the village, and one on the football field. More torched and unidentifiable remains of others were also discovered around the community. 

“We still don’t know. . .

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