Details emerge on junta’s massacre of civilians in Sagaing Region’s Myinmu Township 

Two surviving villagers from Let Htoke Taw village told Myanmar Now about the killings they witnessed, which the NUG is investigating as a crime against humanity

Kan Kaung, a 37-year-old civilian man from Myinmu Township, Sagaing Region, quickly hid under a low bed as soldiers entered the monastery where he was hiding with around fifty fellow villagers. 

On that morning, May 11, a column of around 100 junta troops had initiated a raid on the township’s Let Htoke Taw village—located on the northwest bank of the Ayeyarwady and ten miles west of Myinmu—they had quickly moved towards the monastery compound, correctly guessing they would find any residents there who had not already left the village. 

The village’s residents had either fled to the nearby forest or sought refuge at the monastery after hearing gunfire earlier that morning, Kan Kaung recalled. 

Kan Kaung’s wife had opted to stay in the village, believing that escaping to the forest would put their infant child at risk. Although Kan Kaung. . .

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