Crowds gather in spite of Covid-19 surge to celebrate NLD election victory

Thousands of supporters of the National League for Democracy gathered in front of party headquarters in Yangon on Monday evening  to celebrate victory in Myanmar’s second openly contested election in decades.

Waving the party’s red flag emblazoned with a golden peacock, jubilant crowds defied advice to avoid mass gatherings amid a surge in Covid-19 cases to usher in another five years of government led by Aung San Suu Kyi.

The party’s victory song blared from speakers as cars adorned with the party flag drove by. 

The full official count by the Union Election Commission has yet to be released, but the party has said it expects a resounding win based on its own tally of the results, and has secured more than the 322 seats it needs to elect a president and form a government. 

Photos : Sai Zaw/Myanmar Now

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