Bystander shot dead in Mandalay

Despite a UN plea for restraint by security forces in Myanmar following lethal crackdowns on anti-coup protests, the military regime continued to murder its own people on Friday morning, shooting and killing a male bystander on the streets of Mandalay.

During a mass protest involving tens of thousands of people, police and soldiers shot 27-year-old furniture maker Zaw Myo in the neck at the intersection of 114th and 49th streets.

Eyewitnesses said that before Zaw Myo was shot, he had been waving a flag in an effort to signal the movements of security forces to warn the protesters.

Friday’s mass demonstration in Mandalay was led by engineers wearing construction helmets as protection against any potential crackdown.

By noon, it was crushed by police and military troops who used tear gas, live ammunition and stun grenades against the protesters and bystanders, chasing them down 49th St.

Soldiers and police also fired guns and slingshots at homes while searching for protesters from 35th to 85thstreets. Eyewitnesses said that the security forces raided a house on Sein Pan St. and vandalised a car within the home’s compound.

A number of people have been reported injured in the attack, but at the time of reporting, further details were unavailable.

In recent days, dozens of people have been brutally shot dead and more than 100 injured by combined forces of military and police in an attempt to crush the nationwide demonstrations against military rule, and calling for the restoration of democracy.

(A previous version of this article said that the victim was 20 years old. His correct age is 27. We apologise for the error.)

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