Bamar People’s Liberation Army marks three years since its founding, vows to fight ‘systemic oppression’

‘It is now our responsibility to prevent these senseless killings and this fighting,’ says the anti-coup resistance group’s founder, poet Maung Saungkha

The Bamar People’s Liberation Army (BPLA), a resistance group founded by poet Maung Saungkha in the wake of Myanmar’s 2021 coup, commemorated its third anniversary on Wednesday in Karen State. 

Events were held in an area of Karen State under the control of the Karen National Union/Karen National Liberation Army (KNU/KNLA) and attended by BPLA battalion commanders and troops, as well as Lt-Gen Saw Baw Kyaw Heh, the deputy commander of the KNLA, and Cpt Kyaw Zan of the Arakan Army (AA). 

Both ethnic armed organisations are allies of the resistance force. 

During his speech on Wednesday, Maung Saungkha told BPLA members that it was important to maintain composure as an armed organisation and not lose the trust of their allies. 

“These battles [with the junta] are all too cruel for the civilians,” he said. “It is now our responsibility to. . .

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