With few options left, Rohingya people trapped in western Myanmar prepare for the worst

The monsoon, which began this month, may add to the potentially lethal threats of ethnically targeted violence, restricted movement, and food scarcity already faced by recently displaced civilians from northern Rakhine State

*Myanmar Now has changed or omitted personal names and other identifying information in this text to protect our sources’ security 

The Arakha Army released a statement in mid-June addressing the mostly Rohingya Muslim inhabitants of Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State, urging them to vacate the area as soon as possible for their own safety. 

The warning was issued on Sunday, the same date that the Islamic holiday of Eid-al-Adha was to begin at sunset. It came as a shock to the township’s residents, many of whom said they had no way of reaching safety if they had to leave their homes. 

“I had just come out of prayers when I got a call from my uncle in Maungdaw saying that they had been warned to leave the town,” said Abdul, a young Rohingya man who has been living as a refugee in. . .

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