Two junta soldiers injured in bomb attack on military vehicle in Mandalay 

Two junta soldiers were injured when attackers threw a bomb at a military vehicle in Mandalay on Sunday, a witness told Myanmar Now. 

The explosion happened in an area of Amarapura west of the Taung Thaman lake, which is where the famous U Bein Bridge is situated. The area was crowded with people going to a festival held at the local Yadana cave when the incident happened, according to the witness.

“The bomb was thrown towards the military vehicle while it was moving. We don’t know what kind of bomb it was. All of us nearby either ran away or went inside houses when we heard the explosion,” the witness said.

The military vehicle did not catch fire, they added, but they saw a motorcycle on fire near the scene of the attack.

Junta soldiers arrived at the scene shortly after the explosion, blocked the roads and took the two injured soldiers away in an ambulance. No one has been arrested in relation to the attack and no one has claimed responsibility. 

The military council could not be reached for comment. 

Mandalay has seen an increasing number of attacks by guerrilla fighters targeting junta forces and their allies in recent weeks.

Late last month a convoy of parked military vehicles was struck by a bomb in the center of the city. 

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