Thousands stranded on highway as renewed fighting intensifies in northern Shan State

Junta air and artillery attacks spark a mass exodus after Brotherhood Alliance forces capture a junta base near Lashio

An alliance of anti-regime ethnic armed groups captured a junta base near Lashio on Sunday, triggering retaliatory attacks that have sent thousands fleeing from northern Shan State’s largest city.

Residents of Lashio said the military’s air and artillery attacks began soon after the Brotherhood Alliance seized control of the Infantry Battalion (IB) 507 base, located near the city’s Ward 5.

“The junta’s fighter jets arrived right after the IB 507 base fell, and they kept attacking all through the night. It was very intense,” said one Lashio resident who spoke to Myanmar Now on Monday.

However, the mass exodus that began early in the morning soon turned into a massive traffic jam, as fighting prevented thousands of vehicles from travelling south to Hsipaw.

“We left home at six this morning, but we haven’t even made it to the outskirts yet. All we can do. . .

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