Teenagers among 14 arrested in crackdown on anti-coup protests in Myitkyina 

Authorities arrested 14  people, including two teenagers, during a violent crackdown on anti-regime protesters in Myitkyina on Friday.

Videos posted to social media showed rifle-toting soldiers and police beating people with batons and attacking them with slingshots at a market in the Kachin state capital. 

All 14 were later let out on bail, said lawyer Tin Tun Thein. “At a time when the people are revealing their wishes and desires, they shouldn’t commit this sort of forcible crackdown,” he said.

“They made arrests in at least three places in the town,” said a woman from Myitkyina who requested anonymity. “They have also arrested teenagers, mostly girls, near the [high school] at the corner with KBZ bank.”

Police and soldiers attacked people with batons and slingshots on Friday as they arrest 14 people 

Police and soldiers surrounded the Myitkyina Education College at 8am, before internet access had been restored for the day, and arrested two teachers – Aye Chan May and Aye Kyi Sein – who were participating in the Civil Disobedience Movement.

Twelve protesters including two 17-year-old girls were also arrested. 

A political activist in the city who requested anonymity said the crackdown was “aberrant from democracy”.

“They must not respond like this,” she said. 

Police and soldiers later chased, beat and arrested protesters, witnesses said. 

“They were beating and arresting people while holding guns in their hands,” said one Myitkyina resident. “They didn’t shoot their guns but they shot people with catapults, even journalists”.

Police in Myitkyina did not answer calls from Myanmar Now seeking comment. 

Police and soldiers attacked people with batons and slingshots on Friday as they arrest 14 people 

A 20-year-old protester said that when she and others saw the police and soldiers approaching, they decided to sit on the road and chant slogans. But the police and soldiers shot them with catapults, forcing them to flee, and some were arrested, she said.

“We are under threat physically and mentally in our daily lives,” she told Myanmar Now. “That’s why I would like to remind you that we all have to continue the Civil Disobedience Movement.”

On Monday five local journalists were arrested and held overnight during another crackdown on protests in Myitkyina. 

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