Stray bullet hits woman holding her baby near site of WHO driver killing

A stray bullet struck a woman’s leg on Thursday while she was holding her baby in Rakhine’s Minbya township, which has seen intense fighting recently.

Aye Chan Khine, 36, was hit while sitting in a teashop in her village of Ann Thar and then taken to Minbya Hospital. Her baby was unharmed.

“The doctor took an x-ray and told me there was still a bullet inside,” she told Myanmar Now. Surgeons were due to operate to remove the bullet on Thursday evening.

The teashop is near the Yar Maung bridge, where a driver working for the World Health Organization was killed last month while transporting Covid-19 test samples.

The Arakan Army and the Myanmar military have blamed the killing on each other.

Lay Phyu, another resident of Ann Thar village, said there was no fighting in the village at the time Aye Chan Khine was hit, around 2pm.

There was, however, a clash around that time three miles east in Nga Sin Ying Chaung village.

Lay Phyu also alleged that a Myanmar military camp on a hill near the eastern side of the Yar Maung bridge opened fire with small arms the same day, though he said he did know in which direction.

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