Snack vendor accused of acting as military informant shot dead in Insein Township

A man who locals believed to be a military informant was shot and killed on Wednesday in Yangon’s Insein Township.

Maung Maung, 40, was shot while crossing Thayakchan 2nd and 3rd streets in Peinnegone quarter at around 8:30am, according to an area resident, who said there were no known eyewitnesses to the shooting.  

“He was lying in a pool of blood. His condition was not good—there was a lot of blood. The bullet penetrated his head,” the resident said, adding that Maung Maung also appeared to have been shot in the leg. 

“No one knew how he was shot. No one heard it,” he said.

Shortly after the incident, junta soldiers arrived at the scene in four cars and two ambulances and told people not to take photos or videos of the deceased; two young men were reportedly arrested for doing so. 

The troops also conducted searches of homes in the quarter.  

“There was a terrible search in the area,” the resident of the quarter said. “I heard that they searched the houses and arrested two young people. It is still unknown whether they have been released.”

Members of the community had accused Maung Maung, a snack vendor, of informing the military council about the activities and locations of those who were opposed to the military coup.

“He knew the area well, so he knew who was staying where. He became an informer after showing the junta’s troops the places where dissidents and protesters were hiding,” said another resident, alleging that Maung Maung was provided with food and weapons in exchange for the information.

Myanmar Now was unable to verify the allegations against the deceased. Neither Maung Maung’s family nor the military council’s media team could be reached for comment.

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