Six civilians killed by Myanmar military airstrikes in Rakhine

The junta has ramped up its air and artillery attacks in parts of the state now under the control of the Arakan Army

Regime forces have killed at least six civilians and injured more than a dozen others in Rakhine State over the past two days as they step up their air and artillery attacks in townships captured by the Arakan Army (AA).

The latest incident occurred early Wednesday morning in Minbya Township, where an aerial assault carried out on the village of Myitna at around 4am left three people dead and eight others severely injured, according to a local man.

“One man survived his injuries, but his wife and daughter were both killed. The body of the mother was cut in half, while their 23-year-old daughter was completely blown to pieces,” said the man.

A 26-year-old healthcare worker named Swe Swe Tun was also among the dead, he added.

Maung Aung Myint, the man whose wife and daughter were both killed, is currently receiving treatment for his injuries. . .

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