Sierra Leone invites Myanmar regime officials to ‘autonomous weapons’ conference

Despite previously decrying the military’s human rights violations in the UN Security Council, the Sierra Leonean government sent a ‘save the date’ letter to Myanmar’s junta-controlled UN mission in Geneva

The Myanmar junta has received an invitation to a conference on arms policy and security set to take place in the West African country of Sierra Leone this week, Myanmar Now’s investigations have found.

The written invitation was delivered to Myanmar’s United Nations (UN) mission in Geneva, which is illegally operated by junta officials. 

The conference, entitled “Peace and Security Aspects of Autonomous Weapons” is scheduled for April 17 and 18 in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital. 

While the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs website says there is “no commonly agreed definition” of lethal autonomous weapons systems, the phrase frequently refers to robotic weapons, or military systems capable of identifying or deploying deadly force against a target without human operation. Some definitions include land and naval mines. 

The Sierra Leonean government and the nongovernmental organisation Centre for Accountability and the Rule of Law (CARL) will. . .

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