Resistance forces claim control of ‘85 percent’ of Karenni State capital

Allied Karenni resistance groups attempt to seize the military’s last fortified strongholds in the city, including Loikaw prison, but are forced to pause the advance

Allied resistance forces have established control over most of the Karenni State capital of Loikaw after blockading the city for more than one month, according to sources on the ground. 

Dubbed Operation 1111, the Karenni Army, Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF), Karenni National People’s Liberation Front and the National Unity Government’s People’s Defence Force launched a joint offensive on November 11 to drive the military council out of the town. 

Col Phone Naing of the Karenni Army told Myanmar Now that, at the time of reporting, junta troops who remained in Loikaw were confined to limited areas of the capital, maintaining positions at the Catholic church and fire station in Naung Yar ward, the hospital in Minsu ward, and at Loikaw prison. 

“We can say that we’ve captured 85 percent of Loikaw city,” he said, noting that resistance forces had attempted to overrun. . .

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