New conscripts forced to hand over phones as training begins

Recently recruited youths are also forced to undergo indoctrination as part of their preparation for military service

Young people forcibly recruited into Myanmar’s military are being denied access to their phones, according to relatives who say they don’t even know where the new conscripts are being held.

While some with connections within military training centres have been able to establish contact, most have been unable to do so, sources told Myanmar Now.

“We don’t know where my son is receiving training. The people who came to take him said he wasn’t allowed to bring a phone, so he had to leave it behind,” said the mother of one recruit from Naypyitaw.

“All I know is that the administrator said he would be sent back home after three months of service,” she added.

The junta’s conscription drive began in earnest in late March, with young people in many parts of the country being forced to undergo mandatory military training as part of an. . .

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